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CPT is IRS – Industrie Riunite Spalmati S.r.l. division, and it is specialized in the production of thermoplastic toe-puffs and counters, special reinforcements for thermoforming shoes and leather goods. The production of toe puffs and counters with CPT brand began in 1994; in twenty years of activity the brand has established itself as a rapidly expanding reality, gaining notoriety in the Italian market and in major foreign markets.

Fixed points of CPT project are:

  • Obsessive research to get ever better products;
  • Strict selection of our suppliers;
  • Maximum attention to eco-sustainability.


The production of toe puffs and counters with CPT brand is settled on an area of 10.000 square meters; it employs a highly qualified technical staff with a laboratory who studies and develops new advanced materials. CPT production lines, with flexible and technologically advanced machineries, ensure the highest quality of products to meet the needs of all kind of footwear production.


Production of CPT thermoplastic fabrics is carried out with different technologies:

  • impregnation line: cotton fabrics (exclusively made in Italy) or polyester TNT are impregnated in mixtures of special latex and subsequently dried and calendered.
  • extrusion line: special blends of plastic polymers are melted and extruded, and usually coupled with one or two of polyester canvas.

Toe puffs and counters of our production can be coated with different kind of adhesives, on one side only, or on both sides, depending on the needs of the customer.

  • coating lines:
  • film coating with e.v.a. or polyurethane adhesive;
  • powder coating with different types of adhesives;
  • "PB" coating, special formulation for sticking on very difficult substrates with a low reactivation temperature, thus allowing the shoemakers to avoid burning of delicate uppers


CONTRAX Rigid counter for economic shoes
FORMAT TAS Very rigid counter for technical shoes
GAMTECH Semi-rigid cotton based counter
ELEGANCE Elastic counter for high quality shoes
LOGITEK Contrafforte alta elasticità per calzatura da uomo
FORMAT A Rigid counter
ELASTERM Reinforcement / light toe-puff for ballerina
GUMMIX Reinforcement / light cotton based toe-puff for ballerina
ULTRASOFT Very soft and elastic cotton based toe-puff
SOFTEK Soft cotton based toe-puff
DELICAL Soft and elastic cotton based toe-puff
EXTRAFLEX Very flexible cotton based toe-puff
RADEON Semi-rigid and flexible cottton based toe-puff
AGILAN Semi-rigid cotton based toe-puff
BUD Economic semi-rigid cotton based toe-puff
PROTECTOR Rigid cotton based toe-puff for economic shoes
PUNTEX Rigid cotton based toe-puff for classic shoes
PUNTAL TAS Very rigid toe-puff for technical shoes
DELICAL R Flexible cotton based toe-puff with excellent shape reproduction
PLASTEK Semi-soft extruded toe-puff
CAREX Soft and flexible extruded toe-puff
CAREX PU Flexible extruded toe-puff
GUNTEK Rigid extruded toe-puff

Zona Industriale, 1
46010 Mariana Mantovana (Mantova) - Italy

+39 0376 73 53 66

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